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Supply Crate – Lisa

Lisa, an Army Veteran, requested a Supply Crate to help her deal with her PTSD:

I have ptsd due to trauma in the military I think this would mabye help me become active in gaming taking up my time instead dwelling on my past experience

Dwelling can often leave on spirals back into our worst moments, and sometimes the best way to get out of those spirals is simply a distraction. Gaming puts us in another world and experiences, which can help many who are just trying to escape their own mind and memories.

Thank you so much for my XBox. I am beyond excited. This will keep my mind off of things I don't like thinking about . Agai. Thank you...

We hope it helps, Lisa!

Hyf1re sponsored Lisa's Supply Crate. Hyf1re is a pretty fun supporter of Stack Up, so we'd appreciate it if you took the time to check out his channel. Let him know how you learned about him.

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