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Supply Crate – Lawrence

Lawrence was nominated for a Supply Crate by his wife, who wanted to get him something to help him connect with others and get back into gaming.

I am requesting this for my Husband Lawrence/Larry. Was in the Army then National Guard during Gulf War 90/91 He wanted to serve in 911 but they would not let him. He is 100% Permanent total and disabled. We have 3 adult children and 4 grandchilden. 2 of our children play playstation and the switch. 2 grandkids so far play the switch. This would make a great way for him to have something in common with them and stay connected. My husband decided to go back to colled 2 and half yrs ago to get his associates degree in Human Services. This is a guy that got a GED at 18. Went through a lineman apprenticeship. It killed him to have to stop being a lineman because of his PTSD. He works 15 hrs a week at the VA in the kitchen. He will graduate next spring. He has made president's list all semesters. Plus taken summer classes. Yes he is doing it slower for his anxiety. His family is so proud of him. He use to love to play games, but we just afford to buy a system. I have health issues and work PT just to help make things meet. This would really give him a boost to have something to connect with his grandkids. Thanks you OH he also helps has helped start a support group outside the VA to help other vets during COVID that didn't feel comfortable going to our local VA. They do it weekly by zoom or have meet in person. They also hold family events and runs.

Lawrence sounds like a really awesome guy. We love to recognize Veterans who go out there post-service and try to do good things and make the world just a little bit better.

Thank you so much  to you and your team for sending the Nintendo Switch to Larry. He was VERY surprised! It took all I had to keep this secret from him. When his kids and grandkids found out what he received they were also VERY excited and all plan on helping him set it up.
Thank you again for doing this for Veterans. Its truly appreciated. 
Larry & Kay

We're happy we could provide something nice for him. We hope he continues to put more good out there. Salutes to Lawrence, and have fun with the kids' gaming!

Influencer Relations Team member Koin sponsored Lawrence's Supply Crate. She's really cool and great to work with, and she streams in addition to helping other streamers run successful fundraisers for Stack Up. Check out her Twitch channel.

The Spring push in our Call to Arms is on, and we have until Memorial Day to try and get as many funds raised as possible to help us keep our programs in tip-top shape. As mentioned before, Koin is one of our Influencer Relations Team members, and when you sign up to fundraise, she is just one of the many potential members of our team you could end up working with to fundraise. If you want to learn more about Stack Up before fundraising, catch her on Stack Up Twitter account and ask her some questions.

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