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Supply Crate – Kyle

Good morning reader. For some Monday Motivation: You are amazing, and you will rule this week.

Today's Supply Crate update comes from recipient Kyle. Kyle is a Marine Corps Veteran who learned about Stack Up through Trivium. Our official metal band. In his application, he told us:

I am a Marine Corps Veteran raising two young boys with my wife. I have service related pain in my knees and back. I love the band Trivium and Matthew Heafy referred me to you guys. Anything is appreciated! God bless you guys!

We're glad the word is getting out there. Matt Heafy has been a great addition to the board, and we're happy to have him join our mission, especially if it helps us reach potential Supply Crate applicants such as Kyle. We put this crate together during our Hundred Heroes pack out and sent it to Kyle. He responded:

Thank you Dave, everyone from Stack up, and Kapitan_Meow!! My family and I are so grateful! We were not expecting such an overwhelmingly generous package. You all ROCK!
- The Kenehan family!

Thanks, Kyle and family! YOU ROCK, which is why we send out these Supply Crates to Veterans like you.

Kapitan_Meow sponsored this crate. Check out their Twitch channel.

Want to become an active part of our mission? Hit the button below and get started by exploring the many available options we have to support Stack Up.

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