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Supply Crate – Kevin

How much does it cost for us to ship out a Supply Crate? It's about $1000 for us to cover the cost of the console, games, codes, shirts, and shipping. That number goes up when the console shipped out is a PS5 or Xbox Series X, as those consoles are larger and heavier and sit closer to a $1200 - $1500 range.

Why is that important? It's why we fundraise all year to keep Supply Crates going out.

Today's update came from recipient Kevin who wanted a console to give some cheer for his unit who are suffering from a loss:

This deployment is a first for myself and almost everyone in my unit. It has been difficult for a lot of us as a result, and someone in our unit died in a car accident the day we left, someone we all loved very much. Many people including myself cried at their memorial service, and my first line was best friends with them, and is having a difficult time. Our squad has been tasked with nearly every detail since our arrival, and it would mean a great deal to all of us to receive this crate, but we appreciate the opportunity to have someone listen regardless and will drive on.

Now gaming can't replace the life of someone lost, but it's a good way to escape and spend time with friends. We hope this Supply Crate will help Kevin and the rest of his unit find comfort.

Nyxena_t sponsored Kevin's, Supply Crate. While Kevin didn't send a written reply, he sent plenty of pictures which we passed on to the sponsor. If you want to check out her channel, you can do that here.

Want to help us send more Supply Crates to servicemembers like Kevin who could really use it? Fundraise or donate today by hitting that Phalanx Coin button below.

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