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Supply Crate – Keith

Why gaming? It's an easy and accessible way to connect with other Veterans. You can have a console at home and play with friends online. Or you can meet up together and play couch coop. However people choose to play, gaming is just that easy to get into.

Today's update came from Marine Veteran Keith:

My name is Keith Parker. I'm a combat-wounded marine. I enjoy playing video games with my family as well as by myself. I'm currently a college professor and use this as a way to connect with veterans.

Post-service, plenty Veterans game together as a way to reconnect with battle buddies. It feels good to be working toward a mission together again.

Thank you guys for a great gift.

You're welcome, Keith! Get gaming.

Koin is one of our Influencer Relations Team members helping Stack Up recruit streamers to fundraise while providing them with a one-of-a-kind fundraising concierge service. She's pretty great to have on the team. You can find her on Twitch and ask her about Stack Up.

We want to recruit at least 1500 fundraisers this year. Help us make that happen by signing up for a DonorDrive page. Even if you only raise $100, that's enough to help us with our many programs supporting Veteran mental health through gaming. Hit the button below to get started.

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