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Supply Crate – Kaylynn

A few months ago, we posted a video on TikTok from a Supply Crate recipient who was so very excited to receive her gaming care package. That TikTok received 45k+ views and nearly 3000 comments. As a result, we also received 100s of Supply Crate requests.

Here's Kaylynn's request as she sent it to us:

My name is Kaylynn. I am married and have three children. A 4 year old daughter and identical twin sons who are two. After my twins were born I suffered PPD and went into a huge depression and also was very sick. I had emergency c/section and gallbladder surgery. I’m really into playing crash bandicoot, super mario, mortal combat on a PS station but unfortunately money is tight and I don’t have a console of my own. I hope to have a console here on this deployment to keep me entertained and my mind busy.

Kylynn was deployed overseas to the Middle East. Being far from home, she definitely needed something to keep her occupied, and we were pretty happy to help her out with a new console. We never expected her response to bring us so much joy.

Good Morning,
Thank you so much for all of your support, encouraging words and donations. Beyond grateful for what your organization does. GOD BLESS!

Thanks, Kaylynn, for sending us such a great video response. It helped spread the word about Stack Up, and we're very grateful for your service. You can watch her response on our TikTok below:

We couldn't have gotten a Supply Crate out to Kaylynn without the support of Morgan Tremaine and his supporters, who donated to our cause. Thank you to Morgan for bringing awareness of Stack Up to so many people. And yes, folks, he streams on Twitch.

We want to keep making our deployed troops and Veterans happy the best way we know how: video games. Help us make that happen by fundraising or donating today! Hit the button below to get started:

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