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Supply Crate – Justin

Justin requested a Supply Crate to help him cope with his physical and mental injuries from his time in service.

I am a 100% disabled veteran that has severe back injuries and issues. I also suffer from depression and PTSD. Gaming is an outlet to help me cope. I was on a waiting list for over 2 years for another charity to receive a PC. However, after waiting that long I was told that the charity was closing down. So it was certainly depressing to hear. I would be happy with anything I can receive, but would really like one of the new Xboxes, but would be happy with anything

We're very sorry to hear that another nonprofit helping Veterans had to shut down. The more that are out there trying to help, the more people that get that help, but unfortunately, operating a nonprofit is a lot of hard work, and sometimes funding is hard to come by. We, ourselves, had to shut down our Vetrofit program because of demand outpacing our ability to fulfill PC requests, not to mention PCs being ridiculously expensive to ship out.

We're grateful we can still send out Supply Crates, however.

Please let me know if you would like other photos or if this works. Thanks again!
Disabled Veteran

We have no minimum requirements for responses to share with our sponsors; seeing a smile is always enough.

TheBroG sponsored Justin's Supply Crate. TheBroG has recently joined Stack Up as a volunteer in the hopes of starting up a podcast interviewing previous beneficiaries of our programs. When he's not working with us, he's streaming on Twitch and living life.

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. As part of our efforts, our Overwatch Program allows Stack Up to provide mental health crisis support via Discord. To support the training of our volunteers and staff, we need funding. Hit the button below to find out how you can flex the power of gaming in support of Veteran mental health.

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