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Supply Crate – Justin

Good day friends! We're here with your weekly dose of Supply Crate updates. This week we're talking about Justin, a Marine Corps Veteran who is going through a difficult time. We really hope things look up for him. Please read his request below:

Thank you for this opportunity, my name is Justin. I served from 2007-2011 and disabled/service connected. I am married (7years) and have two beautiful daughters. On January 4th 2019 my wife received news that she has Cancer, this turned our world upside down. Thankfully my wife is strong with multiple surgeries she still with us, but we know the fight not over. I hope you choose me and my family this would make bring us happiness and hope.

Thanks, Justin, for sharing that with us. We will have to check back in and see how you're doing. We're sending good vibes her way. Stay strong, family. We sent out a crate with a Nintendo Switch for Justin and his daughters. Hopefully, this will be a good distraction for them. Justin sent us a reply and some pictures once he got our gaming care package:

Hey Dave, I’m out of town until Thursday. I will take photos first thing when I get back. My girls already opened donations and were very excited and already playing.

Thanks, Justin, for telling us about your wife. Tell those kids of yours to game on for us. We'll make new gamers out of them yet!

DragonQueenTTV sponsored this Supply Crate with the help of her community. Please check out her Twitch page and give her a follow.

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