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Supply Crate – Justin

Are you ready to hear about our latest supply crate story? Well then, without further adieu, we would love to introduce you to Justin who served from 2002-2007. When Justin told us his story of why he needed a supply crate, we simply couldn’t deny him. we’ll let him tell you himself:

My name is Justin. I served from 02-07 and my deployment was like any other I supposed. We were deployed to Ali-Aslin Iraq in 2006 when we came in under fire and were bombard with IED’s at night like many others. My job was recreation, doing gaming tournaments and salsa Fridays. My career field Services also included Mortuary I was the Augmentee for it. I picked up some people that I knew personally but everyone that i picked up I knew their face because i was in charge of Rec night shift.

I was discharged honorably because I became a different person and experienced depression and had a suicide attempt while back home from deployment. After my separation in June 2007 I was never informed of my privileges as a veteran i spent 5 years on and off the streets until luckily a family friend help me get a rating with the VA at end of year 2013. I use gaming as a form of therapy to help my connect with the outside world. Sorry if this sound like a sob story don’t really know what to write down just trying to be honest.

There is absolutely no need to apologize soldier, we know the transition can be rough. Its our job to make sure veterans like yourself are taken care of and helped in their time of need. We would love to send you a crate to help out. We fully understand the health benefits that gaming can provide. Standby for a delivery.

There were Justin’s words once he received his crate:

Thank you so much I feel truly blessed to receive all of this it really touches my heart. I’ll do what I can to spread the word and works you do.

You have touched our hearts as well Justin, we hope you enjoy your games. Maybe you can even host some online tournaments with your old battle mates.

Stack Up is so thankful for patriotic citizens like GryphonAMX who helped make this crate possible. You have truly helped make a difference in the life of this veteran and we couldn’t be more humbled by your generosity. Thank you!

If you would like to become a veteran’s hero today, then please take the link below and fill out a supply crate application for a veteran or active duty service member that you know today!

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