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Supply Crate – Joshua

Joshua requested a Supply Crate to give his unit another option for activities while stationed in Saudi Arabia:

Good morning from Saudi Arabia!
My name is Sergeant Joshua [redacted].
I am the Operations and Flight/Ground movements coordinator for my unit!
We have been in country for apx 4 months, And still have 5'ish months to go!
I believe we would make a good candidate for a supply crate since we have some of the hardest working Soldiers I've ever met here, and they could definitely use some stress relievers. Traveling off-base for ""fun"" and welfare events are rare in opportunity, and the on-base welfare items are short in I was trying to give them more choices in entertainment. Not only will this affect my direct unit, but the goal is it make it joint-participation with the consoles and games. We are located In the middle of 5+ other Army units( 400-500 more soldiers) and we are finalizing the steps in raising a brand new tent with the intent of it being a ""break"" and meeting room that all are welcome to enjoy.
My unit's job & focus is internet and electronics, so the ""gaming geek"" makes up a large portion of our members, who would definitely not allow the crates to go unappreciated. As we are rotating in and out, the meeting tent will stay behind, as will the systems, so the unit that is replacing us would be able to appreciate your crate supplies, and hopefully the unit after them, for years to come. The little taste of home and makes a huge impact for these guys/gals out here. Thank you

Thanks for reaching out, Joshua. As we have mentioned across our socials and on our blog here, plenty of Military personnel are deployed around the world on different operations and being able to help them have a good time away from home is one of our priorities here at Stack Up. Loading out a Supply Crate for a morale boost is the least we can do.

Good morning!
Everything is well! I greatly appreciate the reminder email!
I apologize, I have been out of my assigned country for almost 2 months now but I am back again!
There will be alot more pictures throughout the week I'll be sending in because apparently they have been using the items you sent on a daily basis, primarily Mario Party, old and new. The Doctor Who Board game was promptly stolen(in a good way), and is played in a different office, I'm trying to catch them in the middle of a game to steal some pictures haha. But, here are is what I walked into the first day I was back on ground last week! And just for fun I did a few poses as well for you

Thanks, Joshua! The photos are mostly for our sponsors, and these articles show what we work so hard for and see it pay off.

CountryGrit sponsored Joshua's Supply Crate. CountryGrit has been a supporter of Stack Up for a while now, and we think he's neat, so check him out on Twitch.

Why support Stack Up? We do our best to steward the funds we raise and support Veteran mental health through gaming. You can learn more about us by browsing our website. Decided you already want to support us? Hit the button below to sign up to fundraise.

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