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Supply Crate – Joseph

We appreciate those Veterans who take their service another step further after the Military to work for nonprofits. Today's Supply Crate recipient, Joseph, is one such Veteran, and he requested a crate to help him keep up with his friends' next-gen consoles.

Avid gamer and worker in the non profit arena helping Veterans transition through a fellowship that I help develop the curriculum for. I served for 7 years in the Marines and did 2 combat tours as well as served on the presidential honor guard. Gaming has been my escape and helped me develop several relationships that have helped me. Currently making my house a home for my family so being able to keep up in the gaming space isn’t something I am able to do all that well and soon my group will be on to games only supported by next gen.

Sometimes at the end of a long day helping others, we need to relax. We understand Joseph at the core. He responded to receiving his gaming care package via tweet:

Thanks for the response, Joseph! And we're glad we could help.

Joseph's Supply Crate was sponsored by LoveTracii. Thank you to her and her community for showing our Veterans some appreciation through fundraising to make a Supply Crate happen. Check out her Twitch channel.

Get on LoveTracii's level and begin your quest to sponsor a Supply Crate by signing up to fundraise today. Hit the button below to get started.

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