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Supply Crate – Joseph

While deployed Military servicemembers often struggle to get consoles because of access to shops that have them, Veterans at home deal with various struggles to make ends meet, making it difficult to justify buying the latest expensive console.

Today's update came from Joseph, who lives in L.A. and puts all his money back into keeping the bills paid:

I live in Los Angeles and I struggle to just leave my home to deal with the big city life. I stay home and have very little if no outlets except for gaming with my Marine buddies. My PS4 is broke on account of my autistic children dropping it. Since then I've been out of the loop and really need that outlet to get my through my day since I don't work. I have 100 percent disability based on unemployability but the cost of living in LA is so damn high my resources go to other needs. I served in combat twice, once during the initial invasion and again during the Battle of Najaf in 2004.

We wonder if Joseph has been to our Phalanx House in Los Angeles yet. It might be a good space to relax with like-experienced individuals in a fun and comfortable setting. We're glad to help out our fellow Veterans anytime.

Thank you all for the generous gaming package and thanks to Frostlouve.

Thank you, Joseph. If you haven't visited Phalanx House yet, please go to that link, and we hope to see you soon!

Frostlouve is one of many Content Creators who joined us during our 2022 Call to Arms LIVE event. She's a pleasure to work with, and we hope you'll check her Twitch channel out.

Answer the Call to Arms today! Hit the button below and get started. You'll receive some of the best in influencer support if you need them when planning your fundraiser.

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