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Supply Crate – Jordan

Jordan, aka Misfit, was nominated for a Supply Crate because he no longer had a gaming system to play with other Veterans.

Misfit is a Regiment member who has 2 combat deployments under his belt. He is an avid gamer, until a few months ago when his gaming system crashed. He is a known member in the Regiment community, and an upstanding guy. He suffers from PTSD, and gaming is his outlet. This supply crate would allow him to combat his PTSD, and mental issues by rekindling the camaraderie he made with people in the gaming world.

One of the worst feelings is losing the outlet that keeps you going, and losing a console can make a tough time even tougher.

Thank you so much for the donated supply crate I am beyond excited to begin my new chapter ❤️😊

Have fun, Misfit!

Zelestia sponsored Misfit's Supply Crate. Zelestia is an RPG-focused streamer focused on Skyrim. Love Skyrim? Check out her channel on Twitch.

Why hit the button below? Answering the Call to Arms by fundraising or donating helps Stack Up continue to do what we do: Support Veteran mental health through the power of gaming.

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