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Supply Crate – John

John is a member of the Air Force who sent in a Supply Crate request for something to enjoy while deployed:

I'm 1st Lt John and I'm a 12 Year Air Force Active Duty Member who is serving out of [redacted]. I'm with the [redacted] and our mission is to sustain and defend joint forces at [redacted] while projecting combat airpower in support of theater plans and operations. It's hot, sandy, and at times extremely windy...but that won't deter our ability to execute the mission. When we have downtime, our staff likes to go to the gym and run together. When we aren't doing that, we are either eating, talking with our families back home, or playing games together! We would really appreciate any support your organization could provide us while we are away from home for the holidays. Thank you for your consideration!

We sent John a Supply Crate with a brand-new Xbox Series X.

We received the crate! We really appreciate it. I’ve attached a photo of our team and the console / games.
There is very little downtown during the day but this donation will allow us to bond and spend time playing games together. We’ve already started installing the games and have Xbox game pass ready to go. We can’t wait to start our madden competitions and play through the Halo games on Co-Op. This donations means a lot to us and we really appreciate you and IndecisiveFox for supporting us downrange!
Let me know if you need anything further Ian!

We hope John and his unit have a great time together.

IndecisiveFox sponsored John's Supply Crate. Together with their community, they raised the funds to aid Stack Up in sending out yet another gaming care package. Check out IndecisiveFox on Twitch.

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