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Supply Crate – John

Today's Supply Crate update came from John, a Marine Corps Veteran who was deployed to Iraq and has seen other troops lose their lives.

My name I John, and I was Honorably discharged from the Marines back in 2010. I Joined back in 2006, and left for boot camp September 11th of that year. I served two tours over to Iraq, one being fairly rough and the second being more of hearts and minds, more or less to make things right with the locals, but still the stress not being any less. I feel the hardest part of serving was just trying to transition out and living everyday to the point of regretting leaving the guys I served with (my back bone ). Ive lost friends overseas, and even more stateside due to not being able to cope with living in the real world despite myself and other trying to help. I myself have been in therapy for over 6 years now and still actively seeing people at the VA, and Vet center for mental health here in Tucson. One thing I do miss is playing games with the guys overseas if we had any downtime at all, which was sparse due to us being 0311's on a combat tour, but some of the best times together was playing games like COD and Battlefield in the Barracks over the weekends. With my PC being out of commission for some time now things have been a bit challenging to keep in touch besides texting or random phone call so having access to a crate I feel would benefit me not only on another form of contact with them but, also helping me cope with any down time I have being disabled. Supply crate or not I do really appreciate what you all are doing not only for me but every active and veteran out there.

Thanks, John! We're trying pretty hard to serve our fellow Veterans and Active Military despite any obstacles we face. We've seen lives lost post-service to losing a sense of camaraderie and brotherhood, and we hope through gaming, our Vets can find that again.

Thank you all so so much for doing this not only for myself but every Veteran you help. It means the absolute world to me. I'll never forget this.

Get gaming, and maybe we'll bump into you on the virtual battlefield.

DRILLGamez sponsored John's Supply Crate. Drill is active on both Facebook Gaming and Kick. He's been ill recently, but the next time he's up and running, be sure to check him out.

Answer the Call to Arms for Veterans Day! It's right around the corner, and we'll be making our next big fundraising push so that we can continue to serve Veterans through the power of gaming.

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