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Supply Crate – John

Welcome to yet another Supply Crate update! John requested a Supply Crate for his unit in the Army:

We remember those days.

Although this is my first deployment, many of my fellow soldiers have served in previous deployments. I am so grateful to have the guidance and support of my fellow soldiers. They have been wonderful mentors and keep our spirits high, especially during the holidays when we are away from loved ones. I am hoping with your donation, I can return some of the good will that has been shown to me who is brand new to this unit. Thank you for your consideration.

We get a lot of first-time deployment requests because our troops aren't sure what to expect. But what they do know is that they like video games, and they hope that a Supply Crate will help their units with morale and group cohesion.

(From Mary, John’s Mother who is the second point of contact)
Thank you for all that you do to support our soldiers and families!

Thanks, John, and thanks to John's mom, who made sure we know he got the Supply Crate.

Aliface sponsored John and his unit's Supply Crate. Big thank you to her and her community for their support of our troops. Please check out her Twitch channel. Maybe you'll find your next favorite streamer.

We challenge you to sponsor a Supply Crate or two. Raise $1k to sponsor one. Raise $3k to sponsor another. Hit the button below and answer the Call to Arms.

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