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Supply Crate – Joel

What's up, everyone? If you're dropping by, you were probably curious about this Supply Crate update. Today we want to tell you about a Veteran we benefitted with a package of games and consoles named Joel.

Joel told us in his request:

While I was deployed in 2005-06 to Iraq I would use gaming as an escape. When I returned I would play Halo 3 sometimes 8-10 hours a day, It would help me zone out and not think about what just happened over there. I used gaming as my escape for years but soon stared drinking too heavy to even be able to see the screen. I eventually gave up gaming for drugs and alcohol after my service was done. I hadn't picked up a game in almost 10 years and this past weekend my nephew came over with his nintendo switch and had me playing fortnite for the first time and I got lost for hours the firs night staying up way later than intended. After playing I couldn't help but remember that feeling from years ago, the joy and excitement, actually communicating with people verbally outside of my home. I forgot how gaming can take me out of my own little world i've unknowingly put myself in over the years. I'm 90% with TDIU so I stay home and take care of my kids and don't have anything to unwind after the over stimulation of 3 kids all day. Gaming could be that for me. We rarely have any funds left over at the end of the month for us grown ups but I heard about you guys from a buddy I served with Joe Burner and I thought I'm not above begging, If you could help me out anyway I'd be forever grateful. Thanks for the work you guys do for us Veterans and still serving.

Here at Stack Up, we don't judge any of our Veterans and Active Duty service members who may have turned toward coping mechanisms such as drinking or drugs. It happens, you know? With our mental health, we need an escape. This is why we offer gaming as an alternative. We're happy to help any Veterans who want to try something different to cope.

It's never bad to reach out. We not only help by sending people games and consoles but also through our Overwatch program, so if you're ever in crisis, reach out to us in our discord. Ask for Overwatch.

That's a happy looking kid!

Thank you so much I’m going to tell all my vet buddies also. My son was so happy, he kept saying “now we can play fortnite” and screaming like a maniac.
Much love
- Joel

We're glad to have helped. We hope he enjoys gaming as much as Joel does.

Today's update was sponsored by PappaPaws. If you're looking for Pawsitivity, PappaPaws has it aplenty. Find his twitch channel here.

Want to support us in continuing to help out Veterans through not only Supply Crates but our programs such as Overwatch, in which we help those in a mental health crisis? Sign up for a DonorDrive page by hitting the button below. Or donate today!

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