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Supply Crate – Jason

Ready for another Supply Crate update? Well, we certainly are. Today's update comes from Jason, who is deployed overseas with the Air Force. Jason sent us the following request:

Currently deployed in Iraq! We’ve already been attacked 3 times within the last 2 months but due to our defense system they haven’t put a stain on us. I’m a Client System Technician the military version of GEEK Squad! I would make a good candidate because I’m constantly grinding while taking two classes and saving the US one computer at a time. The support and care we receive is amazing and there is nothing better than reading small notes, cards and messages while snacking on good snacks after a long day and feeling down being away from the fam. If I don’t get chosen I still want to say thank you guys for the support and everything you do! We very much appreciate it god bless. - Jason

Deployed troops are our priority number 1 when it comes to Supply Crate requests so long as they are deploying for long enough that we can get them a console in time. Jason received the crate and sent us a response:

Big shout out to Zironicdk and the the Stack Up Team! This has literally been the best day of the month!!! I haven’t been able to play games lately due to the amount of equipment I had to bring and the Comm Tempo in Iraq! To top things off it’s a PS5 which is pretty hard to get and pricey. This will allow us to momentarily get our minds off the constant hostility and work tempo. Thanks so much guys, I will be passing the word around to my team to provide some moral that will allow us to finish out our tour strong! Thanks again!

Nice. Thanks, Jason, for applying. We hope any other servicemembers that learn about us through this Supply Crate don't hesitate to apply for one of their own.

Zironicdk was one of the participants in our Call to Arms LIVE event last year. If you've never checked him out, you can find him at this link!

Answer the Call to Arms! Hit that button below to get the challenge of raising money to support Stack Up's programs started today!

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