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Supply Crate – Jason

Jason on the right

Hey everyone we are glad that you are here to celebrate another successful Supply Crate mission. Our most recent Supply Crate went to an awesome Staff Sergeant named Jason who is a medical PSG for 3-121 IN BN (L) stationed in Afghanistan. Jason asked us for a crate so he could help his troop by widening their choices for recreation.

We are currently forward deployed in support of operation freedom sentinel. We support several ODAs, USSOCOM units, and TF Rangers. We generally operate out of remote COPs and FOBs and have little in the way of MWR. My guys/girls work hard, operate outside the “wire” and accomplish any task given to them.

You are right to come to us Jason, hard work deserves to be paid off and we have just the thing that your people might be interested in. Stand by and get ready for some awesome gaming gear headed your way.

We received the supply crate today! We appreciate you all so much This supply crate and it’s contents will give not only my Soldiers hours of much needed downtime and enjoyment between missions, but also the other Soldiers of TF Pathfinder and our NATO partners as well. Again thank you all so very much!!!

You are very welcome Jason, we hope that you are able to enjoy the Supply Crate. Maybe you can even host some local tournaments to find out who the best of the best is. We’d love to see that.

The crate was sponsored by Ogr3Magi and we at Stack Up thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and patriotic donations. If you know a veteran or active duty service member that could benefit from one of our amazing Supply Crates, then please don’t hesitate. Let us know all about them by taking the link below and filling out an application.

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