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Supply Crate – Jamiallah

Jamiallah requested a Supply Crate to help her cope with her mental and physical health problems.

I’m a female veteran who suffers from depression, insomnia, ptsd, anxiety and sleep apnea. I’m single and don’t have any children since COVID-19 occurred getting out is difficult and I keep it at a minimum. I love playing video games and my system recently died. The economy is going so badly and prices have risen buying a new system just isn’t priority right now. So it would be nice to receive a free one.

With expenses ever-increasing, it's becoming more and more difficult for some of our Veterans to justify the expense of a $300-500 console. We can help with that and so can you by fundraising or donating to Stack Up.

Thanks to sponsors like JayBritton and the folks who donated to his fundraiser, we sent a Supply Crate to Jamiallah. She didn't send a text reply, but she sent us some photos to give to JayBritton to show she got the gaming care package. Thanks, Jamiallah, and thanks to JayBritton for making this Supply Crate happen. JayBritton can be found on Twitch.

We're running the Call to Arms all year long. Want to support? Hit the button below to check out our DonorDrive page!

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