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Supply Crate – Jake

December edges ever closer to its end, but we'll not be stopping Supply Crate updates any time soon.

Today's update comes from Jake. Jake requested a Supply Crate to help the VA he works at expand their Veteran gaming program:

Hello! My name is Jake, I am a recreation therapist at the VA in Murfreesboro, TN. We have a veteran gaming program, serving inpatient and outpatient veterans with mental health diagnosis. I have two xbox one consoles, with two xbox live accounts, and two mounted TVs side by side - which vets can utilize to game together splitscreen, party together via different consoles, or play separate games. I believe a Supply Crate would greatly assist us in expanding our program, teaching veterans new games in effort to develop positive coping skills and interest in gaming. I am currently trying to grow our collection of games, acquire new consoles to utilize and offer more to our veterans. I appreciate your time and service to veterans. Thank you! Jake

It's a good feeling to see more and more VAs and other Veteran oriented groups get into developing gaming programs. We're happy to help with that when we can.

We appreciate everything you do and thanks so much for the support!

Good luck to Jake, and good gaming.

Aaron_Dukegame sponsored the Supply Crate sent to Jake. Interested in getting to know this sponsor? Check out his Twitch channel.

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