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Supply Crate – Jacob

Yes, we do support National Guard and Coast Guard units. Anyone who is or was in any armed service uniform can apply for a Supply Crate.

Jacob is a National Guardsman who wanted to get a console for his Guard unit so that they could have some entertainment when they come in for drill.

So this request is for my guard unit. We have tons of soldiers traveling from all over the state of Missouri to come to drill. A lot of them spend the night at the armory and there isn’t much entertainment. I figured might give a shot to see if I can get some entertainment for the joes staying the weekend at the armory. Unit is in a small town so there isn’t much of a night life.

Bases stateside are often located in remote areas with few places nearby to entertain oneself unless someone can drive to nearby towns. After a long day of drill, soldiers may be less inclined to travel and just want to relax as soon as the day is done. We're glad to help with some entertainment in the form of a gaming care package and some nerdy reading material to go along with it.

Well I wasn’t there when they got the package and opened it but they loved it! Our guys now have stuff in the unit to pass the time and enjoy on breaks and drill weekend nights for the soldiers staying overnight. Thank you guys and it was a surprise to the commander and loved it! Stack up is awesome! Going to be some good nights on drill weekend gaming out!
(Also couldn’t find the streamer letter)
Thank you from,
1128th FSC and SGT Jacob!

You're welcome to you and your unit, Jacob. We hope those Guardsmen have a great time gaming.

TheCoolMikeShow sponsored Jacob's Supply Crate. If you have the time, be sure to check out his channel.

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