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Supply Crate – Jack

4 soldiers post in a recreation room with an xbox one s console and games.
Do these guys look like they're about to break out in song?

We're halfway through the week, and we've got another Supply Crate Update to tell you about. Let's fly right into it, shall we? Jack is part of an aircraft maintenance quality assurance team working long hours and looking to bond with the folks from other units that his unit works with. As Jack tells us:

We are an aircraft maintenance quality assurance team. We oversee all maintenance performed on the flightline and in supporting agencies downrange. We provide guidance and training for all personnel that work on all aircraft in the AOR Supply drops of this nature really impact our unit because we are a very small unit, and we come from different units around the world to provide support. This gives us an opportunity to bond over something other than just work related items. It allows us to forget about work and being away from home for just a little bit at a time.

Gaming is obviously the Stack Up team's favorite way to bond. Whether with friends, family, coworkers, and friends we made online. So, of course, we had to get a Supply Crate out to these hardworking service members. Jack thanked us for the Supply Crate in the following reply:

I just got your package! Thank you so much! This is such an amazing thing that you guys do. Thank you again, and you are really doing amazing work!!

We keep the crates flying out.

Thank you, Jack, for filling out a Supply Crate request and letting us know how to help you and your unit out with some recreational fun. Game on.

AchillezTV sponsored this Supply Crate. We thank you for your fundraiser and being generally awesome. Be sure to give him a follow.

Stack Up supports any and all who put on that uniform, whether U.S. or Allied, we have programs for service members and veterans around the world. If you are interested in supporting our cause of using the power of gaming to help veteran and service member mental health, feel free to click on that red button below and find out how.

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