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Supply Crate – Ilene

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Ever wonder where our Supply Crates go? You're about to find out in this Supply Crate update. Today's update went out to a Veteran who is looking to connect with her family through gaming. Please take a moment to read her request below:

I’m an Air Force veteran that while deployed I experienced some things that I haven’t been able to even talk with my family about, only my veteran sisters am I able to share this information with. I have been diagnosed with that cause disruptions in my family along with other chronic issues that affect my ability to connect with my family especially my daughter. One of the things that I love to use as a way to spend time and connect with her is through gaming. We received a Switch gaming system as a gift but just looking to receive games that I am not in a financial position to purchase; I have 4 children and providing for them has to take precedence. If I am selected, this will bring us great joy and enable me to take along on appointments that are vital to my healing journey. Having a variety of games to play together helps take the edge off of the negatives in my life. During those times when I’m feeling low and trying to manage some of my symptoms from the trauma I’ve experienced, these games will impact me with a new hope of successfully moving forward in my recovery as it gives me a break from dealing with my harsh reality all the time.

Thanks for reaching out. Gaming is a great way to reconnect with those around us, especially when we may not be able to connect in other ways because of our mental health, which is very much why we do this! We packed up and shipped out a crate to Ilene and were very happy to hear back from her in the following reply:

Good morning!
I just wanted to let you know that I received my box and I’m so excited!! This is going to help me so much with gassing some control over some of the chronic symptoms that I’ve been experiencing for quite a while now! I really appreciate this gift! Thank you so much!

We're just glad it got to you, Irene. Hopefully, she and her children can have a lot of fun together, and may it be a great help when she needs to get away for a bit.

This crate made it to Ilene thanks to the fundraising efforts of Matoro. Matoro will be participating in our Call to Arms Live event on Veterans Day, and if you would like to see him go head-to-head with some other content creators in a battle for the Call to Arms VI Champion, join us on our Twitch channel at 12 pm PST on November 11th.

Want to know more about us in general and our many volunteer opportunities? Hit that big red button below!

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