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Supply Crate – Hundred Heroes #1

We are checking in with another Hundred Heroes Supply Crate! The Staff and Volunteers in the picture below took time this past Holiday Season to pack up one hundred supply crates and got them shipped off to veterans all over!

Supply Crate

This particular request was sent to us from Andrew who served in the Army. Keep reading to check out the full request!

I served from 2008-2016 Deployed in 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 I was injured while serving and can’t do much now. I was medically retired and can’t work.
I always put the needs of my family before my own. The only thing that I really have for myself is gaming, and my system is barely working. It’s going to go out soon and I won’t have the money to replace it. I’m currently fighting social security for disability which I have been fighting to get for 2 years!
Gaming is my outlet it helps me keep my mind busy. My PTSD keeps me up all night and gaming helps me by giving me something to do.

Well, Andrew, you came to the right place, because we are all too happy to make sure your gaming rig keeps you going. We know how important gaming can be to decompress and get into that right headspace!

When Andrew received his crate he sent back some pictures and some words of thanks!

Thank you so much! This has made my year! You guys are awesome! Thank you!

Thank you, Andrew, for your service, we hope the new kit goes a long way to keeping you in the game!

We also want to thank the amazing Call To Arms streamers who help to make these Supply Crates possible. Thanks to the help of Astropub and his community for helping out with this one!

If you’d like to make a donation that gets sent over to our troops as a Supply Crate, Stack-Up takes lightly used PS4, and Xbox One games and gear as well as cash donations. Please help us help these vets out here:

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