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We are checking in with our latest Supply Crate shipment. This request was sent to us from Sergio who comes from a communications unit that is lacking morale and team boosting activities. Read on to check out the request from Sergio below…


We’re a communication unit combine from different states. Some soldiers are from Puerto Rico, Arkansas, and California that support air control. Although we are from different states, we try to maintain a sense of cohesion and family oriented as best as possible. However, it gets to be challenging when most of the soldiers here are on their first deployment. 


There are others that have been deployed more than once such as myself, and with the limited morale booster we have here on the compound there’s not much we can do. Most of the soldier’s that are on the first deployment are mainly homesick, so we want to make sure that they’re not alone. 

We intend to create a team to begin a game tournament, with your assistance, that will instill a morale booster and set up to learn how to become a cohesive group not just in the game but in life.

Thank You -Sergio 


It is awesome to see folks like Sergio recognize not only the morale and fun that gaming brings, but also the real-world benefits like the team building mentioned in the request. We, of course, were ready to Stack Up and get a crate shipped downrange to help these soldiers out.

We packed up a crate full of gaming goodies, consoles, headsets, and of course games and sent it on to Sergio and his unit. When it arrived they took a moment to send back a pic and a brief thank you.


We have recently received your gracious donation and are grateful for your kindness. The soldiers of the 92nd Signal would like to thank you for your contribution with assisting us to build our moral within our deployment. There aren’t enough words that could express our appreciation.


Thank you once again.



Thank you, Sergio and the soldiers serving alongside you. We hope the games provide a much-needed morale boost, but also help with team building and unit cohesiveness as you envision.

If you’d like to make a donation that gets sent over to our troops, Stack-Up takes lightly used PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games and gear as well as cash donations. Please help us help these vets out here:

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