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Supply Crate – Gordon

It's Friday, so we'll keep this Supply Crate focused on the recipient. Today's update comes from Gordon, who is deployed with the Marines.

Our unit is currently on the unit deployment program in Japan. Out of the 30 Marines within my shop 14 of them have never been on deployment. This would make for a great opportunity for all the Marines to spend time together and keep each other excited and for the Marines who are missing their families back in the states to have an out and not just sitting in there rooms by themselves. We have gotten some restrictions due to Covid and they are expecting more to come and this would give the Marines something to do and enjoy on there time off.

Covid is still out there, folks. Why is the Military so strict about it? Obvious reasons. Such as not wanting to lose our Military personnel to being ill and recovering from Covid. We, of course, sent a Supply Crate out to Gordon and his unit to help them deal with those restrictions.

The Marines received the package and they are very excited. The Marines have just gotten home and a lot of them didn’t have anyone there when they got back. They are going to be able to play this together as they make the transition back home. The Marine will be able to come back to the barracks and relax together. They are all so thankful for the package. They wanted to make sure I said thank you from all of them.

Thank you to them as well! We're glad we could help.

Today's update was sponsored by Matoro, who has not only been a great supporter of Stack Up but has been on our Influencer Relations Team before as well. If you have a love of Minecraft, we really recommend him.

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