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Supply Crate – Giles

Selfie: Giles wears a mask and Stack Up shirt. He is at the store.
Thanks for masking up there.

Good day everyone. It's Friday which means we also have your Friday Supply Crate report. The request for this crate came from Giles, an Army Veteran who has had quite a life. For this report, we are letting Giles' own words speak for himself for the majority of this post. In his request for a Supply Crate Giles imparted to us the following:

My names Giles and I'm a 12 year disabled Army veteran. I was stationed in Germany for 10 years before returning to Michigan to be an Army recruiter.
I'm currently living in Texas.
Gaming played a huge part of my deployments to keep my mind off of my wife (at the time) who I came to find out after my last deployment to Israel that she was pregnant by another guy whom was not in the military but lived in Germany on base.
Without Call of Duty and my Xbox one I'm not sure what I would have done. After I got out of the Army, I played Call of Duty and eventually was number 4 in the world at hardcore domination.
I eneded up getting a divorce in 2012 and when I left Germany I brought another German girl which I met months prior with me to Michigan. She let me become a dad and help raise her 5 month old. Once in Michigan and after my Recruiting duty, she got a job at General Motors where to my lack of knowledge she had an affair with her boss and he transfered them both to Austin. Texas GM Tech Center. I had no idea where they were but after time her family contacted me and told me so I left everything I had in Michigan in the house we were renting and drove to Texas. I took showers at the Y and slept in my car while applying for jobs using McDonald's WiFi until I got a job with Nest. I saved money to rent a house and she came back. Well, this is when I found out everything, her boss fired her and she burned the bridges with her family so I took them back only to have her leave 5 months later. I came home from work to a note. (We don't love you anymore, we're going back to Germany, don't follow us).
And welp. My depression sank in and video games became a big part of my life. I beat the depression and moved on to the person I today.

That's quite a lot to go through, pal. We're glad video games helped you beat your depression and become a person you can be proud of. For that, we had to answer the call of duty' ourselves and send a Supply Crate out to Giles.

Hello Stack Up
Thank you so fricking much for everything. I looked out my front door this morning and happened to see a huge tubby. I was like, what the heck did I order? Now the funny thing is that my birthday was on Sunday and I only received 1 card in the mail from my mom. So this week was super tough.
On Friday I had an appointment with the VA Psychology Department for my normal monthly check up and thank God I did because Friday, I was on the edge, depressed and really didn't want to be alive. Being in Texas alone with no family or friends really took a toll on me especially on my birthday. Realizing you're all alone sucks. My brother was killed in 2008 in a construction accident in Detroit while he was working on the Gateway Project. Google it, it will come up Gilbert Danz. He was my brother, my go to and since he's gone and I'm out of the Army I have nothing.
So seeing this package today has really made me smile. It's made me think that maybe I'm not alone.
From the bottom of my heart. Thank you. Thank you Tokki, thank you Stack Up, thank you everyone.

Giles stands behind his new Xbox One X. He holds a thank you note up for Tokki the sponsor of his crate. He has stacks of videogames in front of the Xbox.
A Gears of War Xbox one X? Nice.

Happy belated birthday, Giles.

Thanks for sharing all of this with us. It's not easy, but it's real. We hope you get the care and support you need. You are not alone. We thank you for your service and for reaching out to us.

Tokki supported this supply crate. Thank you, Tokki, for your efforts so that we could put a smile on Giles' face.

Readers, this goes to you too. You are not alone. If you're looking for a community in gaming, we have our Stack Up Discord. If you are 18+ can also reach our Stack Up Overwatch Program through the discord in times of crisis.

Want to learn more about how you can help? Click the button below.

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