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Supply Crate – George

Why do we believe in the power of gaming? Updates like today's. George is an Army Veteran who has been struggling post-service. He requested a crate because he's hoping it'll help him out.

I got depression and sucical pretty bad while in Iraq. Things haven't gotten much easier since. It can be rougg not having a good or medical coverage. That's gotten a bit better at least. I'm having difficulty keeping a job thaks to the depression. I just list a job and that's not going to help with my depression.

As a coping mechanism, gaming is a great way to get away from those things that are bothering us. It can also help us process emotions and gain a sense of success through completing missions and through gaming communities, providing people with friends who share a common hobby. We believe in gaming's ability to help this way, so we sent George a Supply Crate.

Thank you guys very much. Love the cane.

The cane in question is from Assassin's Creed Syndicate. Ubisoft kindly sent us a bunch of collectibles.

Ansoniricon sponsored George's Supply Crate. Check him out on his twitch channel.

How can you help us continue sending out Supply Crates? Hit the button below to check out our DonorDrive page and set yourself up to fundraise.

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