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Supply Crate – Geoffrey

Geoffrey requested a Supply Crate for his unit of Marine Security Guards who are deployed overseas.

Marine Security Guards assigned to U.S. Consular General Cape Town, South Africa. Detachment provides security 24/7 for mission personnel and was activated over 20 years ago.

We have quite a few Active Military members deployed overseas in parts of Africa. We've fulfilled a few requests for a console and games for units who are looking to build up their morale and have something to do in their free time. Geoffrey's unit was no exception.

Good afternoon Sir,
Sorry for the Delay, I was actually in the midst of moving to a new Embassy. I was however able to receive the supply crate just before I left! Here are some pictures, thanks again for all you guys do. I know the Marines will really enjoy it.

We hope they do!

kxCobraful sponsored Geoffrey's Supply Crate. Thanks to kxCobraful's community for supporting Stack Up and fundraising to help us make this gaming care package happen. If you'd like to, check her out on Twitch.

Signing up for the Call to Arms is one of the best ways to support Stack Up. In 2023, streamers raised more than $600k to help us support Veteran and Active Military mental health.

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