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Supply Crate - Garcia

Sometimes there are Supply Crate missions that we are excited to complete, but on rare occasions, there are missions that leave us speechless. The letter we received from this latest recipient left us sad, angry, and empty. We are going to share with you what she wrote to us, but please be warned that this letter contains some graphic details that some may find triggering. If you wish to avoid these then please continue reading after the bolded Italics.

Everyone has a story, even a 32 year old veteran like me. I thought I would be somewhere other than where I am today. I come from a military family, my uncle and brother are also veterans. I live with Military Trauma acquired PTSD, anxiety, and depression and Hydrocephalus. I served from 2006-2008, joined in high school, left for basic, Fort Leonardwood, MO, after graduation, then AIT at Fort Sam where I graduated as a Pharmacy Specialist at AMEDD. Went on to be station at was then called Fort Belvoir, VA with MEDCOM. Loved it. Wore my ACUs with pride and held myself to my honor code and values. I wanted to be the best in my field.
I never got the chance to deploy, I was sexually assaulted by two of my NCOs. It was a rough time. I was discharged because I wanted a duty station change, but was sent away until they could decide how to handle the situation. After my discharge I went back home to Alabama, where my depression became really bad, lack of medical care there was an issue. After a year of living in Alabama, moving to WA state to live with my brother and my money being mishandled by him and his wife when I was found 100% service connected disabled due to my PTSD from my MST, I moved back to Alabama where my mother took care of me. She is now my VA Caregiver around the clock always trying to keep me busy but it is a struggle with the depression and anxiety and I know how much games help me release stress, but it's me. Inside. to myself, not socialization. I deal with my trauma the best I can. I lost my high school buddy that joined with me to suicide, so I battle that on a level of understanding. I have been to that edge of reality.

I learned so much from the military that times like these, where we must be cut off from the outside, drives me up the walls. I struggle too with ADHD due to my PTSD. Constantly have to move around. I was diagnosed in 2012 with NPH/Hydrocephalus. I have undergone 3 brain surgeries to date and have a high possibility of needing another after this COVID-19 is contained and it is safe, and I use a wheelchair and walker to get around. I take part in adaptive sports such as wheelchair basketball, hand cycling, and wheelchair tennis.
My mother has been such a wonderful Caregiver/trooper/Battle Buddy. Gaming has only recently become an outlet for my anger and anxiety. After the Military I used my emergency management training when the Tornadoes Hit Alabama in 2011. Volunteered with the Red Cross and the Tuscaloosa VA at the time. It was home and when the mayor of my hometown of Thomasville asked me to assist, I answered the call. I did two weeks. I miss it. I miss it all. The comradery, the training, the duty, the uniform. All that made me a U.S. Army soldier. The training I acquired will go with me for the rest of my life. The medical training and life skills. I can share it all with my nephews. Jay, my oldest nephew, wants to be a U.S. Army soldier like me. Boots on the ground. He is only 6. He has drive and passion. I live for them. Those two little boys are my world and I am only their Aunt, or to them Sissy. Mom says that a huge part of me died when I took my uniform off for the last time. She's right. Depression is hard. It is a silent killer. It takes a hold of everything you have left and tries to drown you wide awake. I don't want to go down that road. I don't want to be a statistic.

Life for Garcia has been challenging to say the least, and we are so proud of this US veteran warrior. Your determination to beat statistics and fight against your illnesses has inspired all of us at Stack Up. We are so glad that we received this request. I hope you are ready soldier, because we have one hell of a Supply Crate to send out to you. There it is now!

We want to send a HUGE shoutout and a GREAT BIG thank you to Stack-Up and ReAnimateHer for the console and many games and downloadable content gift cards; along with Black Rifle Coffee which my mother plans to enjoy.
You have no idea how much this means to me. There are definitely not enough words to describe my emotions. I can’t wait to dive into the vast world of gaming with my new gear. I do plan on giving the extra games to our closest VA and other veteran organizations near me. I was able to pass one along to a well-deserving veteran. I did not expect so much when I was finally able to dig into the Supply Crate. We are so thankful for everything. Now I will be able to connect with friends and family and build new friendships through gaming.

I wanted to thank the donors and everyone that took part putting the crate together and sending it off during this pandemic where we are all having to social distance. It was so exciting getting a console and games to be able to game with friends and family. Due to COVID-19 and social distancing, my mental health has been at risk. I am so very thankful to have another way to get involved with more people virtually. I am so honored to have been selected and treated like I matter by people who do not even know me. I look forward to making many new connections. Thank you and God bless.
We look forward to staying in touch for years to come. Stay safe and stay healthy!

We are humbled by your words of praise. We pray that your operations are successful and that you enjoy the games we sent to you. We'd love to join you on the virtual battlefield. Thank you for Stacking Up with us.

This crate was not made possible from the folks here at Stack Up alone. We would like to make a huge shoutout to ReAnimateHer. Without your generous contribution to our cause, this crate would not be made possible. Thank you for being a true hero!

If you or a veteran you know is in need of new gaming gear, please click the link below and fill out an application today. There are veterans out there who need our help, so please help us find them.

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