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Supply Crate – Gabriel

June is PTSD Awareness Month, and as it comes to a close, we hope you'll remember our Veterans out there who are struggling and could use a little help. Whether that's with their physical or psychological needs, plenty of Veterans are struggling. As are many others who have PTSD from non-combat situations.

In today's Supply Crate update, Gabriel deals with his PTSD often and needed a way to get his mind off things.

My PTSD keeps me up at times and this may be a great way for me to get my mind off of to much thinking. Thank you

We're here to help for just this reason. Gaming isn't the ultimate solution, but video games have been shown to help Veterans deal with feelings of isolation, escape thoughts surrounding their mental illness, and more.

Many Thanks for choosing me for this gracious gift, I am including a few pictures let me know if these are OK and if you need me to retake.

The photos we get back don't have to be professional; we just want something to show the sponsor and let folks know where their dollars go.

Today's Supply Crate update happened thanks to the support and sponsorship of Charging_Charlie, who fundraiser $1000+ to make it happen. Thank you and your community for all their efforts and generosity. Charging_Charlie raised funds through her Twitch channel, using gaming for good!

Want to sponsor a Supply Crate? Fundraise $1000 to sponsor one, and fundraise $3000 to sponsor two. Hit the button below to get started. Tell all your friends!

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