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Supply Crate – Franklin

You've landed in yet another Supply Crate update from Stack Up. Today's update came from Army Veteran Franklin, who has been struggling with his mental health as he tells us in his application blurb below:

Hello I served in the army and went over seas to Kuwait and visited places like Bagram and Afghanistan I was coms or IT. I suffer from depression and severe anxiety from the stress and things associated from the being in the military I always had a hard time with the APFT and that always stressed me out and gave me anxiety afraid I'd never amount to what was expected of me. Ever since I joined physical work was very hard for me I even got my hip injured carrying heavy things out of an LMTV. Now even being out of the military my anxiety hasn't gone away I feel the same no matter what job I get and my depression makes it hard to get close to people. So what helps me is gaming I love it so much I can talk to people on there with no ridicule or them knowing who I really am, unfortunately my current PC just cant handle the games that are out now and it always crashes or games are unplayable I just cant afford a new one I just want to be able to game and be free of the anxiety and depression it helps more so than you'd think especially cause it helps me connect with my kids too. Thank you for your time and listening to my story.

Hey, we understand that sometimes while making ends meet, we struggle to get the latest console and games, and that's why we're here. To help provide games and consoles to Veterans who may be struggling to get one. We sent a crate out to Franklin, and he sent us the following reply:

Thank yall so much for this amazing gift crate as a disabled veteran I couldn't be happier to get this to help with my stress and anxiety and to have fun with my family as well!! Thank you so much.

Have fun, Franklin! Looks like this crate reached him just in time for Christmas last year.

Have you checked out Supply Crate recipient DragonQueenTTV? Find her on Twitch at this link!

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