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Supply Crate – Frank

Frank requested a Supply Crate to help him cope with his mental health. He's been putting off taking care of himself and found out about Stack Up through a battle buddy.

I am a United States Marine Veteran who has been putting off his own physical health for almost a decade in order to try and serve my veteran community. After EASing in 2013, I found I received happiness from working at the VA helping other vets but just ignoring all of my physical and mental health issues from my time in service. I've been through many battles with myself and once I started a family, I knew I needed to seek help in order to be the best I could be for them. Gaming provides an escape for me to reset, and escape to a world that has nothing to do with this one that can cause so much anguish for people. Something as incredible as this program would benefit my mental health going forward, and give me strength to endure some of the trials we go through in the real world. I was told about this program from a battle buddy of mine, and I swore I would stop putting my own health off so I could further help good people around me. Thank you for your time and consideration, you all do fantastic work for the community.

Sometimes, when we as Vets are dedicated to a mission, we forget to take care of ourselves or put it aside to help others. Sounds like Frank has that problem. We really hope that as much as it feels good to help others, he commits to taking better care of himself. We often have to tell our own staff and volunteers you can't be at your best to care for others if you're not taking care of yourself first.

Hello Ian,
Thank you again for the opportunity to be in the program and for this great benefit. Attached is my picture with the system. Appreciate all that you and the great people you work with do. Have a great rest of your week and let me know you need anything else/or if I can help you guys out in any way!
To the donor: Thank you again for your generosity. Words cannot explain how much this benefits my health and my families. You've shown the good in the world, which oftentimes can be hard for a veteran to see when getting out of the military and adjusting back into the civilian world. It's nice knowing people like you exist out there!

Thanks for the incredibly kind words, Frank.

Stack Up IRT Manager Tatoress sponsored Frank's Supply Crate. She's a fantastic person to work with and fun to watch playing 7 Days to Die. Follow her channel to know when she goes live!

2023 has been another great year for Stack Up. It's a bit too late in the game to fundraise, but if you'd like to donate and support our troops, now is the time.

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