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Supply Crate – Frances

We're ready to game.

It's Friday, and we are here with your regular Supply Crate report. This one is pretty exciting. We get excited about all of them, but this one, in particular, is extra exciting. Under the pandemic, military installations have enacted COVID restrictions of their own, leaving many military members with little to do in their recreational time except stay at home. That can drain a person quickly, as most of us need social contact as part of our mental health.

For this particular Supply Crate request, Frances, a Sponsorship Coordinator with the Marines, contacted us for prize incentives to use in a gaming tournament. Frances explained in his request:

This looks like a great place to relax.
I am the Sponsorship Coordinator responsible for coordinating with local and national businesses to support the active duty Marines and Sailors aboard our installation. Currently we have 1400 single Marines and Sailors that are being supported through our Single Marine Program and the recently renovated E-Club to be a recreation center for those service members.
With the current Covid restrictions these service members are pretty much just working and returning to their barracks as they are not permitted to go into town for entertainment. Many of them are participating in their own online gaming tournaments and we are trying to draw them out of their rooms and into the rec center to participate in gaming tournaments that we are hosting on their behalf. We are in need of prize incentives to entice them to participate within our tournaments. We feel that it is critical for them to co-mingle with other units and share their frustrations and experiences with the current climate. We would appreciate any support that you are able to provide. I really appreciate that Dave Crouse took the time to speak with me about Stack Up and the service and support that you are able to provide. Thank you again for your consideration of our installation.

This looks like a great setup for some PC gaming.

Gaming tournaments at a time like this sound like a great idea. This is especially true if it helps some Marines make some friends and have a good time. Friends who game together, game together always and at any distance. A Supply Crate of games should help with that effort.

Anybody want to play us in a round of pool?

We hope the gaming tournament went off without a hitch. Frances sent us this reply after receiving a Supply Crate:

Stack Up,
THANK YOU again for all of your support!!

Stay safe and have fun!

Look at all those gaming trophies in the form of consoles and games. Enjoy gaming, everyone. There will be more Supply Crates where this one came from.

This supply crate was supported by the combined efforts of Kruzadar and Taterholic. Thank you both for supporting camaraderie efforts like this gaming tournament.

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