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Supply Crate – Fourteen Bags 1

This time we have an interesting Supply Crate request to share with you. This one comes to us from Chris who is involved with the Student Veterans Association of Western Carolina University. Keep reading to check out the full request.

I am the former President and current Treasurer of the Student Veterans Assoc at Western Carolina University. After three years of advocating, we have finally been granted a Veteran Resource Center on campus. We are planning on filling this space with couches and desks.

We would love to see if there is any way we can try and get a gaming console or games through your wonderful organization to help the Vets deprive stress in between classes and in their time off. Please feel free to contact me at any time. Thank you for all you do.

We were more than happy to help the Veterans Resource Center with some gaming to take the edge off during stressful times. Thankfully, we have amazing supporters like Lil_Lexi who last year came out to Stack Up with an amazing Call To Arms charity stream that allowed us to do more missions like helping Chris out.

We quickly sent a box of gaming goodies down to Western Carolina University and Chris sent back some words of thanks along with this awesome photo!

This is amazing, David was awesome, way more than we expected. All will get plenty of use. Thanks for what you do!!!!

Thank you, Chris, for all that you do for these Veterans on campus! We hope the gaming goes a long way to providing some fun to the resource center!

If you’d like to make a donation that gets sent over to our troops as a Supply Crate, Stack Up takes lightly used PS4, and Xbox One games and gear as well as cash donations. You can also answer the Call To Arms with you own charity stream and help us make an impact during May which happens to be Military Appreciation Month. Hit the link below for intel on how you can sign up today!

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