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Supply Crate – Errol

Today's Supply Crate update has a ton of great photos, so we hope you'll look through them and get a peek into the life of Errol. Errol requested a Supply Crate for himself. He does a lot of work around his community, volunteering and continuing to serve whichever way he can.

Never really considered myself special in anyway but I always did my best to give back. I volunteer for habitat for humanity, feeding the homeless, street cleanup, being a monitor to local schools but my favorite time is Roy's for Tots season. I volunteer every year since I found about it.

Errol sounds like a stand-up guy dedicated to putting some good into his community, so it was no no-brainer that we would support him with a Supply Crate.

Thank you so much

Thank you, Errol. You deserve it, and we hope you continue to put some good into your community.

MrGibbins sponsored Errol's Supply Crate, raising more than $1k to support this Veteran. Thank you to MrGibbins and his community for supporting this Veteran through your efforts. Check out MrGibbins on his Twitch channel.

November is close. We're pushing toward our $600k goal to fund our programs. We need you to help, either by fundraising or donating today! Hit the button below to answer the Call to Arms.

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