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Supply Crate – Erik

Our encouraging message of the day is that it's Friday, which means you've almost made it another week. We're glad you're here.

Today we have the story of Erik, an Air Force Veteran. If you're in the Air Force or know an Air Force Veteran, apply! Erik told us about his struggles with PTSD and his life after the military in the following request:

I deployed to southern Afghanistan attached to the Army in 2008, after 2 1/2 months of pre-deployment training. Basically the Army needed bodies and the Air Force supplied them. I “traveled” around southern Afghanistan with coalition forces and my primary function was IT support. I returned to the states in 2009 where I immediately began experiencing PTSD symptoms from my experience in Afghanistan, mortar attacks, suicide bombers, and team members K.I.A. I struggled in my marriage, my career and in life for the next 4 years on active duty. Last February my divorce was finalized after 18 years of marriage, and children. The last year has been extremely difficult. I don’t see my kids everyday anymore, my wife who I thought would be there for the rest of my life started a new life with someone we went to high school with (lasted 2 months and he returned to his wife and kids in California) I find myself trying to connect with my kids. My son has a game system but I’ve never been much of a gamer unless you count an original Nintendo and TMNT game. I was a beast. I’d like to get into gaming with my son. My son is autistic and has a very difficult time with being around people but he thrives when playing on his game boy. I’d like to be able to play games with him, and when he’s not here learn about the online gaming community. I miss being part of a team but have difficulty leaving my house, my wife used to provide support for going to new places for myself and my son, I’ve lost that, I only to places I’ve been prior to my divorce, I shop online, use grocery delivery services and generally stay in my vehicle when transporting (picking up/dropping off) my kids. I’m tired of feeling alone. I’ve had to take on roommates so I can pay my mortgage and have money for food, I live paycheck to paycheck and not much is left over after bills and child support. I’m beginning to fall into a deeper depression but my kids motivate me to get up, being able to connect to them would be an unbelievable confidence boost. Thank you for your consideration

Thankfully gaming is a great way to have fun with friends and family. Erik and anyone else that may be reading, if you find yourself looking for people to play games with, Stack Up has a gaming community of Veterans and civilians ready to get their game on. Just visit our discord.

We built out Erik's crate then sent it out. He sent us the following reply:

I can’t wait to play with my son and bond over some gaming. Thank you
Thank you!!!!

Thanks, Erik. Game on, Stack Up and have fun. Remember that invitation to our discord should you need a community of gamers to befriend.

Corastus sponsored Erik's Supply Crate. Thank you, Corastus, for answering the Call to Arms!

What's that big red button below? It's a portal to the first step in joining Stack Up in our mission of helping Veterans' mental health through the power of gaming.

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