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Supply Crate – Eric

Eric poses in his army dress uniform in front of the U.S. flag in the photo on the left. In the photo on the right, Eric is wearing a black cowboy hat and wearing sunglasses while throwing up a "hell yeah" symbol with his hand and sticking his tongue out.
You have two wolves inside of you.... or whatever that meme is.

Is it Monday already? The weekend went by a little too fast, not enough time for gaming. However, that also means it's time for your Monday Supply Crate report. This one includes an unboxing video which we enjoyed watching, and we hope you will too if you have the time.

Eric is a veteran who was injured in the military and couldn't continue his service. Learn more about him in his own words below:

My family as far back as it goes were military in some way shape or form. I followed suit. I went in with an idea of being a lifer but fell short when an unfortunate accident happened to me state side while on duty at the motor pool. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time when junk machinery parts came crashing down on me. I was luck enough to be able to finish my 3 yr term but was so messed up physically and mentally I was not allowed to re-up. That was 22 yrs ago......22 yrs of pain, ptsd, tbi, multiple surgeries including the one they are finally going to do on my back. They have to remove 9 discs and fuse two places in my back, middle and upper. Ive already had two ankle surgeries and one shoulder surgery. I take handfulls of meds each day just to be somewhat normal for my wife and kids. Its still very much a struggle, especially being around other people. But when it comes to gaming I seem to breakthru that bubble just a little and i'm able to chat with other people more frequently. Ive always been a gamer, growing up you could always find me at the arcade. Im not able to afford high end things as all my resources go to my family. I have an old pc and a ps3 but find them lacking in many areas. Playing games has always helped me forget whats around me, even for a short time....I cherish when i do.

Eric holds up his Supply Crate thank you note for FailToSurvive. He stands behind a PlayStation 4 that comes with 3 games: God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and The Last of Us. He has 7 more games that came with it and PlayStation accessories, including a gaming headset.
We like your smile!

Playing video games has helped many of us who are part of Stack Up too. It's why we do this, and it's part of why we are glad to bring this mission to veterans like ourselves and Eric. We really hope it can help him on days when he needs it, just as video games have helped us. You can watch the Thank You video Eric made for us below his quoted reply.

Overwhelmed, overjoyed, loss of words. How does one say thank you to someone saying thank you. Its been over 20 years since being in and not once has anything like this ever happened to me. A way to connect with my brother and sisters that have or are going through what I have and what I live with everyday. Thank you to YOU just isn't enough. Bless you and yours always.
Thank you and God Bless!

From FB: As a veteran myself who received a blessing in the mail from stackup, I can say with full confidence that these guys care for us vets. Thank you stackup....for everything.

Yet another Supply Crate picture. It has the PlayStation 4, Thank You note, Stack Up T-shirt, and PS4 games and accessories in it.
Games, games, games!

THANK YOU, Eric! And thank you to everyone that contributed to his Supply Crate. Thank you especially to FailToSurvive, who did the fundraising and sponsored Eric's Supply Crate. We feel blessed to continue our mission with all of the amazing people out there who make them happen.

If you are interested in contributing to Stack Up's mission and want to learn more about how to do it, click the red button below, and it will warp you to our How to Help page.

Thank you to everyone who reads these reports. We hope you have a great day and that you all have a great time gaming out there.

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