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Supply Crate – Emily

We're dropping into the week with a Supply Crate update. This time from recipient Emily and her unit, who have dealt with the interruptions of COVID and could use something fun to enjoy. As Emily told us in her application:

So this year has been one of the craziest years of my life. I graduated high school in 2020, shipped to basic in June 2020, completed AIT, got married over ZOOM because of COVID restrictions and my husband being dual military (I know its a very private thing to do) then got to my first unit at Fort Carson. When I arrived in March of 2021, I was told the first day on post that I would be deploying in September. With the little time I had with my husband, he managed to get a slot for SAPPER school which had always been his dream. He left in July and recycled which left him in beautiful Fort Lost in the Woods for 2 months before I deployed. I finally made it in country and a month in, my both of my great grandparents passed of COVID. Its been constant craziness here as the political climate begins to get tense so finding anything to help keep us busy and give us a break from work is honestly a God send.

We salute our troops who have been battling through the pandemic and who continue to do their jobs in service to our country. We sent the crate out to Emily and her unit, and she got back to us with the following reply:

You guys are awesome! I can’t thank you enough for everything you do for us out here deployed and around the world. It’s nice knowing there’s people who see us and know we are here. Thank you so much for the Xbox and all of the accessories. And thank you to Igotpuppies for sponsoring this awesome package!! Will definitely have to look into supporting you and your events in the future!!

Thanks, Emily! We hope to see you again in the near future. Any Active Service Members are welcome to join our community anytime and use our Overwatch Program services in the Stack Up discord. We know it can get hard out there.

IGotPuppies sponsored this Supply Crate, and if you haven't checked him out, he's pretty awesome. He's currently raised half of his goal for Stack Up this year. Find him on Facebook Gaming.

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