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Supply Crate – Elmer

This week Stack Up will be at PAX East taking some Air Assault recipients out for a fun time in Boston. We're also celebrating National Volunteer Week so our socials are going to be full up. Even so, our Supply Crate updates will continue as we have a slew of responses we are still working our way through.

Today's Supply Crate update comes from Elmer, an Active Duty service member in the Army.

Actually I am the soldier that is looking to being blessed with a Nintendo Switch so that I can take my mind off family and my home back in the States. I work a 9-5 out here in Kuwait. But after work and after the gym. I begin to think about home and my daughters. It starts to bring me down knowing I am not there physically for their safety. I think a Nintendo Switch will help me stay busy and play with my battles here. Some of my friends have a switch and I would loveeee to play against them and also share it with those that do not have one either. Thank you so much for you time and support.

We sent Elmer a Supply Crate with not just a Nintendo Switch, but a host of games and some accessories for him to play and share as he chooses.

I am beyond happy!!!
Thank you sooo sooo much!!!!

Thank you Elmer for letting us know about you. Hopefully, the Switch can help him wind down after a long day and bring him some comfort while he's out there.

EdgarAlanBroLIVE sponsored this Supply Crate. He's been an amazing supporter of Stack Up for years and is the continuing Champion of Call to Arms LIVE. He remains undefeated.

It's National Volunteer Week. Looking for a worthy cause to join in that uses the power of gaming for mental health and supporting our troops and Veterans around the world? Look no further! Hit the button below to learn about how you can help Stack Up today.

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