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Supply Crate – Drew

We write and post 3 Supply Crate updates a week because we have so many replies now that we are getting a response to nearly every Supply Crate sent out.

Drew is an Army Veteran who received a Supply Crate before, but the old one got bricked:

I’m ever grateful for the Xbox I received sometime back and unfortunately it took a big shit and stopped working, like completely bricked. It was my main way to calm my depression and anxiety after a long day at work and am hoping y’all can help me again. I always took care of the Xbox, it just quit working.

Yes, you can apply again. There are no guarantees we can get you one, but if you make your case, we see what we can do. Life happens, you know?

Thank you again so much, this means a lot to me and I will utilize the hell out of it! You guys rock

We're sure Drew will get plenty of use out of his console.

First Nation Group sponsored Drew's Supply Crate. They've been a big help to Stack Up, donating funds so that we can fund more than our Supply Crates program. They're a company that supplies medical equipment to hospitals such as the VA and more.

Ready to answer the Call to Arms? Get started today by hitting the button below. Let's make 2023 our best year yet!

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