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Supply Crate – Donny

We had a great weekend at TwitchCon with our Air Assaults! If you made it out there and took the time to visit with us, thanks! Now to our Supply Crate update. Donny's wife requested a Supply Crate for her husband, who served in the Marine Corps Reserves. She told us the following.

My husband Donny was shot in the face while searching a car in Iraq. The bullet is still in his skull and causes him nerve pain and seizures occasionally. He was in the USMCR for 4 years and served on AD for 2 years before he was medically reitred.

Donny is the true definition of a warrior. Not only in that he survived, but he continues to live today and has his family with him. We sent him a Supply Crate with a brand-new PS5, to which he replied:

I feel so lucky that I was given this generous gift. I would never be able to buy a PS5 and games, given the cost of everything nowadays.
The donors that support these supply crate drops are awesome. Truly. My son and I love gaming together and it’s time that I cherish. This is freaking awesome and I’m grateful.

Thanks, Donny, for the reply! We're happy to help and provide games to people who might not get the chance otherwise.

MisterPurpleBroccoli and community sponsored Donny's Supply Crate. What a cool name. Check him out on Twitch!

We're closing in on November and Veterans Day fast! Help us fundraise and hit our $600k goal by hitting the button below and registering to fundraise.

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