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Supply Crate – Dennis

Today's Supply Crate update comes from a Veteran who served in the Army and had quite a rough time post-service. Dennis requested a Supply Crate because he's always enjoyed board and video games.

I am a prior service war time veteran that served in the US Army for nine years to include a 15 month deployment to Iraq from 2004-2005 in support of OIF 1 and 2, a 12 month deployment to Afghanistan from 2006-2007, and another deployment to Iraq from 2008 - 2009. Upon leaving active duty I continued supporting the military as a civilian deployed to multiple locations between Iraq and Afghanistan for another 9 years. Around the time COVID started they also started withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and cutting projects. The project I was working on was one of the many that work cut which caused the company I was working for to close their doors. Around the time this happened our house endured extensive water damage and after a terrible experience with a general contractor I was forced to finish the repairs on my own. That paired with the time it took to find a job locally caused us to completely exhaust our savings. The transition to a normal stateside life has been extremely difficult for me mentally. I unintentionally withdraw from my wife and children but am receiving help with this through the VA. I do have a job now but my wife and I have to work additional odd jobs to try and make ends meet. Board games and video games have been one of the few things that helped me bond with my children. Because of our current financial situation it has been difficult to do. There are many people the are much more deserving then me but if there is anything extra you could send it would be greatly appreciated.

It's rough out there for many of our Veterans, and we're happy to provide them with comforts they may not be able to get due to financial strain, broken consoles, or any reason out there. To our Veterans: You are all deserving, and if it weren't for limitations with supply, demand, manpower, and money, we would be getting consoles out to every Veteran that sends in a request as soon as we get it.

Our Executive Director, Steve Machuga, hand-delivered this Supply Crate to Dennis in his home state. We give those personal touches when we can.

TheVocalButcher sponsored Dennis' Supply Crate. We love to see communities unite to make these gaming care packages happen. You can find TheVocalButcher on Twitch.

Memorial Day may have passed, but the Call to Arms runs all year. Want to support our mission to aid Veteran mental health through gaming? Hit the button below to get started.

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