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Supply Crate – Daniel

The next of our Supply Crate updates came from Daniel, a Veteran who saw combat in the early 2000s. Daniel had a tough time in service and has had a tough time post-service dealing with health problems and everything he experienced throughout his service and after. He outlined much of what he's been through in his request.

I am a 19K Main Battle Tank Crewman who served in OIF from 2004-2005 where I saw combat. After returning home in 2005 as a teenager, my unit then immediately deployed in support of Hurricane Katrina that devastated the gulf coast. My unit was tasked with securing the greater downtown New Orleans, LA and I experienced severe depression as a result of forcing my fellow Americans from their homes and acting with violence in our Rules of Engagement. My time in Iraq and New Orleans after the flood hurt me emotionally and physically. I have severe Tinnitus, PTSD, Depression and mild TBI from my time in the Army. Through hazing, I was an unfortunate victim of Military Sexual Trauma and have struggled with Suicide ever since. Recently, I stayed 15 days in an intensive program at OSU called STRIVE, Suicide Trauma Reduction Initiative for Veterans. Since returning from care, I have continued outpatient care at my local VAMC. More recently I underwent surgery to remove squamous cell carcinomas on my body, after being Diagnosed with a skin cancer called Bowens Disease after returning home from Iraq. I've endured topical chemco treatments, surgeries that include traditional removal and cryogenic burning. I have had a total of 16 biopsies and surgical removals on my face, hands and legs. I know that I need to keep my mind active and many fellow veterans have mentioned gaming as a form of relief. While I have tried every pharmaceutical option offered to me by the VAMC and even recreation Therapy options, I have yet to try gaming. However, growing up in the 80s and 90s, I do remember the joy of getting a new game, the feeling of success when mastering the game and excitement that came from the experience as a whole. That is what I want to feel again...

We hope gaming can provide Daniel with a much-needed retreat from all he has been through. We're glad that despite all of it, he's still battling on, and maybe these games will help recapture some of that sense of innocence before life did so much to him.

Good evening,
I received my Supply Crate this afternoon, thank you so much. Attached are 2 photos of me thanking Pinny88.
- Daniel

We hope it helps, Daniel.

Pinny88 sponsored Daniel's Supply Crate. She has been a great supporter of Stack Up. We hope she's doing well in her current endeavors. She recently played Fortnite on her Twitch channel, and if you follow her socials, she's been working on some artwork and graphic design.

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