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Supply Crate – Christopher

Video games are a refuge for plenty of us outside of service. In Military service, however, gaming can not only provide a vehicle for relating to other people but a group escape time after a long day doing the job. Christopher recognized this and requested a Supply Crate for his group to enjoy together in their off time:

We're a very close group, and this is the best way we can bond when not at work, and something we all relate to. We all lost a friend before deployment and this will help take our minds off that, as well as help us pass time faster to get home to our family and loved ones

Gaming care packages to the rescue! In the form of a Stack Up Supply Crate. Christopher got back to us with the following:

Thank you very much. Sorry it took awhile to reply, I've been stuck going to different spots for various things, was finally able to get the pictures we have so far.

No problem; we know from experience that it gets busy out there.

Pikalyn sponsored Christopher's Supply Crate. Are you a fan of Pokémon? Give her a channel a check out. She's pretty cool.

Call to Arms year 8 is going! Want to join in on fundraising and supporting us as we do another year of making Supply Crates, and more Stack Up programming happen? Hit the button below to get started:

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