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Supply Crate – Christopher

Christopher has had a tough time post-service and wanted a game console to help him deal with the things that bother him:

I'm a veteran, 15 years service. Got out in 2013, struggling with depression and substance abuse, however, the substance abuse has abated. I always hear about how gaming helps fellow veterans. Life is getting in the way of a lot of things, while I do work, I'm also in need of a vehicle, but that's neither here nor there. I am requesting a gaming system and games, to help with my depression. Seems like nobody in my household understands, or maybe they don't want to hear, why I always shut down and clam up when shit gets crazy. I feel, if I got this assistance, it would help me to stop the shutting down, and help with communicating how I'm feeling, what's going on in my mind... If I am approved for this assistance, I would be ever grateful!

It is not uncommon for Veterans or even Active Duty servicemembers to struggle with substance abuse, be that alcohol or other substances. Unhealthy coping mechanisms are often easy to access, and when other means of mental health and support are inaccessible or have too many hurdles to jump to receive them, it's not hard to understand how folks get into them.


We hope Christopher looking to access healthier means of escape is the first step on a path to healing. As always, our Overwatch peer-to-peer support is on standby to chat should anyone need them to talk to instead of using unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Christopher's Supply Crate was sponsored by AuthentiKx81, a first-time Supply Crate sponsor. Thanks to him and his community for their support. His Twitch channel can be found at this link.

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