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Supply Crate – Christepher

Today's Supply Crate update came from Veteran Chris, who has been battling cancer.

I am submitting on behalf of my best friend and battle buddy Chris, who has recently been diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer. 
My name is Aaron and I appreciate you guys doing anything you can to help him get a PS5 to help him during his recovery.

Aaron is a previous Stack Up Air Assault that we took out to Phalanx House last year for a weekend of fun. He's pretty familiar with us and reached out to help his buddy get a Supply Crate to help him cope while he deals with his physical health.

Hey Stack Up,
Thank you SO much for coordinating this and making my dream come true of finally owning a Playstation 5. I could've done without the colon cancer 😉 but this absolutely helps and makes my recovery time a lot easier and more entertaining. Thank you again!

We hope it'll bring you plenty of comfort and keep ya busy with fun, Chris.

Ashy sponsored Chris' Supply Crate. Ashy plays games within the JRPG and RPG genres and is a VTuber. If you're looking for a streamer with content like that to check out, find her on Twitch.

Are you ready to answer the Call to Arms and support Stack Up as we help out Veterans through the power of gaming? Hit the button below to fundraise or donate today.

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