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Supply Crate – Charles

Charles requested a Supply Crate because more members of his unit were interested in playing D&D than he expected and many of them lack dice and other tabletop gaming pieces to really up their game.

After another day of whipping winds and angry glares from the sun, you leave the desert behind you and enter the local tavern. There you find *rolls* a bevy of tired and dejected city guards within. Their sand covered faces like yours tell you that they too have endured the unpredictable and rather tense situations like you and are looking for an escape. You smile as you know you have the answer to their problem...: Greetings and salutations!
I am TSgt Charles, and I am a dungeon master for my crew out here in the sand pit. We just arrived not too terribly long ago and I have realized that 1) there are a lot more people than I expected who want to play D&D and 2) a lot of them lack dice and gaming accessories. I've brought out a limited supply for myself and maybe a player or two but we would love additional material or tabletop goodies! Anything you guys might be able to supply us would go a long way as my plan is to bring more friends (and new friends) into the world of D&D to inspire the next generation. I've been playing D&D for 11 years and have been a DM for 6 years now! Thank you guys! Hope you liked my short story!

It's great to see so many Dungeon Masters and Game Masters wanting to bring tabletop gaming to their units. We're glad to help get them books, modules, and gaming equipment they can use to host the best Roleplaying games they can.

Hey Ian!!
Crate opened and oh my god wow did you guys impress!!! We loved all the unique modules and tons of board games and are SO excited to play them (I'm a huge fan of The Red Dragon Inn).
The gear and games we recieved are crucial for keeping morale up and building upon the relationships we formed out here. It is amazing to be able to gather around the table and make memories and share some laughs during hard times using the games you guys sent out. We are so so happy and grateful for the support!!
We also reached out to the streamer as well and gave her huge kudos and sent our heartfelt thanks!
Please let me know if those photos suffice, we can always take more if need be!
Thank you so much Ian, you and your team nailed it and truly we all appreciate it greatly. This was such a blessing and we'll remember this forever!

Have fun, Charles. We hope your unit gets plenty of play out of everything we sent.

Katee_bear sponsored Charles' Supply Crate. Katee_bear does art streams of some really cool stuff you just might be a fan of if you're a general nerd. Check out her streams on Twitch.

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