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Supply Crate – Chantini

Happy Friday, if you are here regularly, whether because you like reading about the folks who benefit from our Supply Crates program or you were curious about this is, welcome. If you've been here before, you know the deal. If you haven't, this is a Supply Crate update, where we give you a little rundown of one of our gaming care package recipients. In today's update, we sent a crate out to Chantini, who told us the following in her request:

I'm a single parent who is currently in graduate school. I work full time and a reservist. I will love to do something special for my daughter, she deserves it. She has been so patient with her mom, while her mom's her goals are to make a better life for her and secure a decent future. I currently work as a social worker and my job is to ensure children are safe and it takes alot commitment. My daughter is deserving of this because she shares her mom and never complains.

Gaming is great for both kids and parents to spend time together. We aren't just saying that; many of us grew up with and are raising families with a love of video games. If we can help a family connect by sending a Supply Crate, we will. As such, Chantini received a crate and sent us a reply:

I would like to thank you all for your support.

Short and sweet, just like these updates often are.

This crate made it to Chantini thanks to the fundraising efforts of GryphonAMX. GryphonAMX will be participating in our Call to Arms Live event on Veterans Day. Join us on November 11th at noon pacific standard time for a full day of fundraising to keep programs such as our Supply Crates program up and running.

Push that big red button. We dare you.

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